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How To Attach Patch To Dress

How To Attach Patch To Dress Figure out what type of patch you have. Some patches come with glue on the back, and others simply have a cloth backing. Take a close look at your patch and decide whether you may need additional materials. Decorative embroidered fabric patches are usually thick, stiff, and have what looks like plastic glue on one...

Easy & Simple - Hand Embroidery Mirror Work

Hand Embroidery Mirror Work The threads used in making hand embroidery designs could be embroidery floss of portable threads. Needles are available in a variety of sizes from 0 to 10. Their length is medium and they are sharp for more efficient work. Hand embroidery is a great hobby for adults and children alike and is fairly easy to ... for more details watch the video.. Shisha work adds that sparkle in your clothes which gives it a royal...

Guide to the Best Threads for Hand Embroidery

Guide to the Best Threads for Hand Embroidery Hand embroidery is a tactile art. It begs to be touched! Why? Usually because texture and dimension are a noticeable part of embroidery. Sometimes, texture and dimension happen accidentally, but often, designers purposely add dimension and texture to their embroidery projects in order to increase their beauty and interest. In the first part of this series on dimension and texture in hand embroidery,...

Blanket Stitch Embroidery Crafts and Creations

Blanket Stitch Embroidery Crafts and Creations A blanket stitch is a simple way to add a handmade touch to your sewing project. Use it to finish an edge, attach an appliqué or even as a decorative stitch all on its own. This basic stitch is a must-have in your hand-sewing tool box!The blanket stitch began as a way to finish the edges of blankets — and other things like tea towels and pillowcases. There are many ways to use a blanket stitch in...

Eyelet Stitch Embroidery

How To Stitch Eyelet stitch tutorial - Hand Embroidery This stitch resembles a small eye on a doll. Eyelet stitch is particularly nice when done in the same color as the fabric, like white on white. This stitch helps to create a small hole in the fabric with a work around it. You can work with this technique, no matter how big the...

Chain Stitch Embroidery

How to do the chain stitch The chain stitch is a fun and versatile embroidery stitch that can be used for outlining, adding a border, or filling hand embroidery designs. Its name reflects its appearance as each stitch is connected to the next just like links in a chain. A detached chain stitch is created using the same technique as the chain stitch only each link is separate and singular. The detached chain stitch is used when stitching the lazy...

French Knots Embroidery Design

How to Make a French Knot The French knot is one of several knotted stitches used in surface embroidery, and produces a knot similar to a Colonial knot. This stitch has a reputation for being a nightmare and one of the most difficult, but is actually quite simple to work once you get the hang of...