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Easy Fancy Earrings Making

To get started with this Easy Fancy Earrings Making tutorial, take three of the largest jump rings (7.0 mm) and close one of them (you know it’s closed well when it makes a nice click and the two ends are flush). Take a second one and loop it through the first jump ring and close it. Take the two looped jump rings and hold them so that there is a space between where they overlap. Think of it as you are making a very small Venn diagram with your...

Fly Stitch Embroidery Design

Fly Stitch Embroidery Design This is a very easy type of stitch to do and looks interesting. As the name suggests, it looks like a ‘Y’. Horizontal or vertical rows of fly stitch can be done to create various effects. It can be topped with more decorations with contrasting threads too. Fig 1: Bring the needle out from A and put it in through B. Then, bring it out through C, which lies between and below A and B. Pull the needle out from over the...

Straight Blouse Cutting (With Perfect Measurement)

Straight Blouse Cutting (With Perfect Measurement) In Tamil Saree or sari is the traditional wear in South Asia especially in India. It has different ways of wearing style that depends upon the state, region and community. The sari is the most elegant and beautiful wear. It can be worn for different occasions, in different ways to give you a different look each time. Saree is always worn with Blouse. Here is the tutorial for the Saree Blouse...

Stone Patch Design #1 - Patch Designs

Stone Patch Design #1 - Patch Designs How To Stitch Stone Patch Design In Blouses Stitch And Decorate Your Blouse Sleeve With Stone Patches Tailoring Classes From sai fashion trends the video The importance of a well fitted and beautiful blouse is well known to every woman familiar with sarees. A saree can never look the best unless it is paired with the right blouse. There are several variations in blouse designs and ladies are open to choose any...

Patiala Salwar Cutting And Stitching

Patiala Salwar Cutting And Stitching Make the guys forget the world as you wear these salwars from the house of Libaas. High on style, fit and finish, these salwars is sure to lend you a sophisticated look. Look absolutely fabulous when you pair these salwars with tailored...